Inheritance Law and Planning of Succession


The German Constitution (Grundgesetz) allows all citizens to make a will according to their own wishes. You can decide freely on who is going to inherit your assets and deviate from the legal order of succession by drafting a testamentary contract (Erbvertrag) or last will (Testament). The notary helps drafting a last will or the testamentary contract containing a specific legacy (Vermächtnis), the execution of a will (Testamentsvollstreckung) or any other change of the legal order of succession.

Notarized dispositions of will are deposited at a district probate registry (Nachlassgericht) in a sealed envelope to make sure that the last will can´t be destroyed or lost. All documents relevant for designating an heir will be filed in the Central Register of Testaments of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (Zentrales Testamentsregister der Bundesnotarkammer – ZTR). This is to ensure that the respective document is taken into consideration in the composition proceedings and won´t get lost.

We draft a last will in a proper legal form for you and answer any question. A big advantage of a notarial testamentary contract or last will is that no certificate of inheritance is necessary in most cases. This avoids a lot of costs and long composition proceedings. If the owner of a company passes away unexpectedly, it causes enormous problems for the company and its employees. We help you to settle the succession of the company.

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