Health Care Proxy


Sometimes people can´t take care of personal matters due to an accident or illness. In those cases, the district court appoints a medical attendant. Those are usually not family members. If you want to appoint the attendant yourself, you have to notarize a health care proxy (Vorsorgevollmacht). According to German law a health care proxy is a general power of attorney that regulates medical care and the administration of assets. We draft the power of attorney for you and make sure that the health care proxy will be put into force.

In addition, a patient´s provision (Patientenverfügung) regulates the medical treatment. According to the German Civil Code (BGB) you are able to decide whether the treatment is discontinued. You have the right to refuse total parenteral nutrition. A notarized health care proxy will be filed in a Central Provision Register of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (Zentrales Vorsorgeregister der Bundesnotarkammer – ZVR).

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