ImmobiliengeschäfteReal Estate
ImmobiliengeschäfteReal Estate

Our extensive expertise in property law encompasses a broad spectrum of services, which include:

  • Purchase and sale of single or multi-family homes, condominiums (including those under construction), and commercial properties.
  • Portfolio sales, property development law, and project development.
  • Declarations of condominium
  • Establishment and sale of heritable building rights
  • Mortgages and land charges
  • Easements
  • Property gifts and contributions, both for private and business purposes
  • Legal Advice for family offices or foundations.

We place a strong emphasis on understanding your individual requirements, addressing your expectations and concerns, and safeguarding your interests through the creation of tailor-made contracts and deeds. Throughout this process, we consistently consider tax implications and asset protection.

It’s important to note that while our checklists can assist in contract preparation, they should not replace personalized advice. We are more than willing to offer you comprehensive and individualized guidance.

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