Real Estate


For most people buying or selling real estate is of vital importance compared to other contracts.

According to German law a notarization of real estate contracts is required in order to protect and advise both parties. A German notary drafts a legally unbiased contract. The contracting parties state their requests and the notary advises them on their options. Based on the results the notary draws up an unbiased contract.

Real estate contracts in particular include the following terms:

  • Legal protection of both contracting parties
  • Registration and discharge of encumbrances
  • Warrants of title or quality
  • Change of possession
  • Development costs
  • Survey of property

Contracts dealing with apartments and newly constructed buildings play an important role within notarial deeds. Notaries offer their expert opinion regarding the splitting of houses into apartments according to the Condominium Act, drafting contracts for property developers as well as sample purchase contracts for apartments and commercial properties. In addition, notaries handle the enforcement of all notarized agreements.

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